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As one of the premier companies for roofing in Toronto, Roofing Company Toronto prides itself on providing practical and durable roof installation and repair services to our customers.

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    Why Choose Us for Roofing in Toronto?

    We believe in community building. Our experience and knowledge in the local roofing styles makes us one of the most trusted Toronto roofers.

    We have local experience

    Our technicians have decades of experience providing roofing services in Toronto. That means we know all the region’s various weather quirks and have tailored our roofing services accordingly.

    We are easily accessible

    We are a phone call away. Our telephone lines are always open to answer your questions and concerns. You can call us anytime, or just visit our office for free quotes and suggestions.

    We offer many services

    Whether you are frustrated with ice damming or clogged-up gutters, we will give personal attention to each of these problems.

    About Our Roofing Services in Toronto

    Commercial Roofing Installation and Repair in Toronto

    Commercial roofing installation requires specialized knowledge and skills. We are one of the best and experienced roofers in Toronto, and we ensure a successful delivery of quality commercial roofing solutions at unbeatable prices.

    Emergency Roofing Repair in Toronto

    If there is a natural disaster and you are not sure how to control the leaking roof, call us to help you with our emergency roofing repair assistance. Once you find any significant damage to the roof, let us know, and we will send experts to inspect your roof and provide repair solutions.

    Eavestrough and Downspouts in Toronto

    Toronto’s harsh weather can really take a toll on your eavestroughs and downspouts. Don’t let these important structural elements become havens for pests. Trust Roofing Company Toronto to keep your home safe.

    Residential Roofing Installation and Repair in Toronto

    Our reliable and experienced roofer team will do their best to improve the appearance of your house. We guarantee impeccable installation and repair of the roof in Toronto.

    Attic Ventilation in Toronto

    Proper ventilation can mean all the difference when it comes to keeping your home comfortable throughout the year in Toronto. If you live in an older home or have been spending more than usual on heating and cooling, let us take a look at your attic ventilation.

    Skylight Installation and Repair in Toronto

    Having a skylight installed in your home is surprisingly affordable. At Roofing Company Toronto, we have extensive experience with a variety of skylight designs and can help you find and install the right one.

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    Our Acclaimed Team of Roofing Professionals in Toronto is Ready to Serve You

    We not only provide unparalleled roofing solutions but guarantee superior execution to all our customers. Consult our acclaimed team of roofing professionals to learn more about our services, products, and materials we use.

    By working with us, you can expect

    Clearly outlined goals and continuous guidance for the project
    Excellent project execution using high-quality materials and innovative techniques
    Transparent and reliable communication

    Customer experience

    Save Time and Money with a Top-Rated Service

    The Roofing Company got me a great deal on a brand asphalt shingle roof. Other contractors quoted more than 10% higher. I definitely recommend them

    Rodney Phillips – Toronto, Ontario

    During the recent ice storm, my roof started leaking. Even amid all the craziness, The Roofing Company had a technician complete repairs ASAP.

    Adam Barkley – Austin, Texas

    I failed to inspect my new home’s roof. It was in terrible shape but The Roofing Company fixed it at a very fair price.

    Jennifer Griffith – Lubbock, Texas

    Another roofing company quoted me more than double what The Roofing Company did for comparable services. Very happy I went with them.

    Clinton DeGraf – Chicago, Illinois

    My soffit and fascia were severely damaged in the ice storm. The Roofing Company did a great job getting them looking like new again.

    Brian Cunningham – San Antonio, Texas

    I was spending so much money on heating and cooling. The Roofing Company’s attic ventilation services slashed those costs in half.

    Scott Herman – New York, New York

    I didn’t realize how much attic ventilation can affect your energy bill. Thanks to The Roofing Company, summers don’t burn a hole in my wallet anymore!

    Mark Studor – Phoenix, Arizona

    During a heavy rainfall, my roof started gushing water at night. The Roofing Company had someone over within a couple of hours to help.

    Charles McGrath – Seattle, Washington

    Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing in Toronto

    How much does a new roof cost in Toronto?

    An asphalt shingle roof in Toronto can cost an average price of $7500 (source: However, there are many factors to consider before calculating a new roof cost. Our expert roofers can provide the best estimate for your roofing requirements.

    Do you provide free estimates for roofing in Toronto?

    Yes, we provide free estimates for roofing in Toronto. Please call to speak to our expert roofers for more details.

    What payment methods do you accept for roofing in Toronto?

    We accept a variety of payment methods, including check, credit card, and insurance.

    Are your services warrantied?

    We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all roofing installations in Toronto.

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